At IDF Training we have been involved in empowering people who have experienced a violent crime since we opened in 2009. Our business is dedicated to helping people learn to defend themselves and we understand how much more urgent self-defence training becomes after you have actually experienced an attack.

In the information on this page we walk you through the legal process to apply for assistance from VOCAT and how to get funding for self-defence training. We want to help you regain confidence and a sense of safety after your experience and we’ll work with you to make sure it happens.

Legal Basics

In Victoria, the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) helps crime victims through the recovery process by paying for expenses that are a direct result of the crimes they (or those they are related to) have suffered. VOCAT processes and makes determinations about these applications, and is intended as a place for applicants to be heard and acknowledged as victims of violent crime.

As a victim of crime it is recommended to use a lawyer to make the process easier and to ensure you don’t get “lost in the cracks” of the system. There are a number of law firms that offer this service for FREE as VOCAT pays their fee.

You or your lawyer starts the process by filing an Application for Assistance through VOCAT. You can file a claim if you were either the primary victim of the crime, a secondary victim, or a related victim (definitions of each can be found here).

IMPORTANT TO KNOW! It is NOT necessary for the perpetrator of the crime to have been charged or convicted in order for you to be eligible to apply to VOCAT for assistance.

Generally you must apply within two years of the act of violence, although the tribunal will consider applications that, due to the particular circumstances, are filed later than that. If this is the case, you should also send an Application for Extension of Time providing a detailed explanation of the delay.

Forms To Fill Out

To make a claim you need to fill out the Application for Assistance.

In order to make a claim for our Self Defence Program, you need to ALSO fill out:

→ the Primary Victim Statement of Claim Form,
→ the Related Victim Statement of Claim Form OR
→ the Secondary Victim Statement of Claim Form

all of which are found midway down this page on the VOCAT website:

For all three forms Self Defence falls under “Other expenses to assist recovery (in exceptional circumstances)” which means you would need a letter from a doctor, social worker, psychologist or anyone who you involve in your case that recommends self defence training to help you through getting empowered.

Giving a Quote to VOCAT

Along with the appropriate forms from the VOCAT site you will need to send them a quote for the amount of payment you’re requesting. To get a quote for self-defence training, fill in and submit our form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll send you a personalized quote via email.

Then simply attach that quote to your Statement of Claim form and send it in to VOCAT.

What kind of self-defence program should I apply for?

Many of our students who have come to us after experiencing a violent crime have found that they gained the confidence they needed to feel safe and empowered through our 12-month Victims of Crime Self Defence Program. In order to receive the quote for that program please fill in the form below.

What does the 12-month Victims of Crime Self Defence Program give me?

The 12-month program gives you full access to all of our Krav Maga, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, FMA and Fit to Fight classes as well as full access to the gym in your own time.

We highly recommend victims of violent crime start by learning Krav Maga, either in our Beginners’ Krav Maga class or through private training (depending on what type of training suits you best).

Krav Maga in particular is geared toward reality-based scenarios rather than stylized combat for tournaments or for show. In our experience, however, many crime victims build confidence in the first couple of months with Krav Maga and then get curious about the other martial arts we offer. We leave you the option to choose what feels right for you as only you can decide what will make you feel the safest and most confident going forward.

Have a look at the rest of our website and take a look at everything we have to offer. In particular, check out:

→ information about us
→ our class timetable
→ our flexible, preference-based pricing options

What if I want private training instead of classes?

Sometimes after being through a violent experience you may not feel like jumping into classes, although our classes are designed to make everyone feel safe. You will be welcome to use the funding you get from VOCAT on private training instead (i.e. the amount of funding will go towards the cost of private training).

If you are unsure which you prefer fill in the form below and we will quote for the 12-month program and we can change it to private sessions if need be. If you are sure you only want privates and would like to be quoted on a set program of private sessions please contact us via email [info (at) idftraining (dot) com (dot) au] or on the phone [1300 858 265].