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Free Krav Maga Trial Class

We offer a free induction to those who want to try krav before signing up.  This is not a theoretical class. Try the most efficient hand-to-hand combat & martial arts system for the streets in an intensive 45 minute session designed for complete beginners. You will come into one of our regular krav maga classes, and learn just like the rest of our students.

In this session you will learn practical and highly effective krav maga techniques in a safe format that introduces beginners to life on the mats. You will also get to practice your newly acquired skills by participating in unique krav maga reality-based drills.
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Adult Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”. It is the official close quarter combat system of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). Krav Maga is a reality based self defence used by many elite combat, defence, and law enforcement units all around the world. We train for reality based scenarios. We don’t train to compete, we train to survive!

Our instructors are ex-IDF combat soldiers, who come to you with experience of authentic krav maga straight from Israel. You can find out more about them here. Our krav maga offering includes Fit-to-Fight conditioning classes, as well as sparring classes, supervised closely by a trained instructor.

Each week we focus on a different set of skills and specific techniques that fall under this – it might take several months for us to cover all the techniques in a given area. On average, it takes the average beginner 6-12 months of these classes to grade up to the intermediate level if they are attending several times per week.

1.  Moving & striking
2.  Grabs & holds
3.  Weapons
4.  Ground
5. Miscellaneous

Teens & Kids Krav Maga

This krav maga program is designed for kids & teens to learn practical self-defence, tailored to the scenarios relevant to their lives, in particular bullying and predators, in a safe and fun environment with experienced trainers. We have three age groupings to ensure we target the needs and advanced the skillsets of children according to their ability – 5-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds, and 13-15 year olds. You can find out more about our kids’ program here.


Combatives is IDF Training’s explosive hybrid of krav maga & muay thai. It is a class is designed to improve your technique and strength in striking for both street and the ring. Come ready to work hard and expand your skillset!