The Krav Maga Induction Class is an action packed 45 minute session that gives you a foundational overview of Krav Maga and prepares you for our regular classes.

This is not a theoretical class. From your very first session you will learn practical and highly effective Krav Maga techniques in a safe and effective format that introduce beginners to life on the mats. You will also get to practice your newly acquired skills by participating in unique Krav Maga reality based drills.

We recommend you start your Krav Maga journey with IDF by joining an induction class. This is the best place to get a taste for what Krav Maga is all about and ask all your questions. It is perfect for anyone wanting to get a feel for the way we teach before joining the public classes.

Induction Class Cost: $39 non-members (free of charge for members)

If for any reason the upcoming timetable above is not loading properly on your browser, simply follow this link.

If you can’t make it to the upcoming induction class but are keen to get started, feel free to jump straight into the public classes or book yourself in for a private session if you’re needing a confidence boost to get started.

All students are welcome to join the induction classes at any time even after starting regular classes.