Want to maximize your profits and employee morale at the same time? Research has shown that companies and organizations that foster employee motivation and development reap higher financial rewards, enjoy reduced employee turnover, and have happier, more productive workers.

Team-building activities are a tried-and-tested way for groups to develop a sense of shared vision and esprit de corps, build trust, enhance communication, and gain confidence. And the best team-building activities are the ones that get people out from behind their desks and conference rooms so they can get physical!

IDF Training’s team building program combines the power of team-building with the practical self-defence skills that have been bringing people from all walks of life increased mental and physical confidence for years. Krav Maga is an intuitive and common-sense method of self-defense that works for people of any age, size, or fitness level.

All activities are practiced in controlled conditions and under complete supervision, so no one gets hurt. Best of all, because your people are learning in direct physical cooperation with each other, a strong sense of camaraderie can develop in an extremely short period of time.

Here are just some of the things your team will learn through the IDF Training team-building program:

✓ How to judge someone’s intentions based on body language
✓ How to instantly take control of a stressful situation
✓ How to defuse a confrontation before it gets out of hand
✓ How to take down and control an aggressor, even if they’re bigger and stronger than you
✓ How to stay safe both in and out of the workplace

We can bring our team building program to your location, or you can bring your group to our clean and spacious gym in Caulfield.

All we need is the size of the group, length of time needed, number of sessions and whether you will provide the location or come to us.

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Train Hard, Fight easy.