A Krav Maga Instructor’s course taught and certified by one of the top Krav Maga instructors in the world, Lior Offenbach of Combat Krav Maga, which will be run over eight days totalling 64 hours. This course is open to experienced martial artists only.


Lior’s philosophy is keeping it simple. He does not teach a huge syllabus for the sake having a lot of techniques to teach. He teaches from his background as an ex infantry fighter, ex Israeli Police and trainer for the Israeli prison service.

This is a one time course which will take you from the basics to the advanced Krav Maga. You will cover all the subjects, principles and techniques. You will learn how to train and teach Krav Maga properly and with authenticity.

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minimum of 2 years full contact martial arts experience
no criminal record

DATE: June 11th – June 18th, 2016
TIME: 8am – 4pm
LOCATION: 105 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield, Melbourne VIC


$1,990 upfront OR 12 fortnightly payments of $199.


Once certified you can choose to affiliate.
There are very limited spots available so to secure your spot.


fighters are saying

Avi and Sarah Yemini

“I’ve been a pro fighter and working the door in security for years. I’ve seen many so called Krav Maga instructors who don’t understand the basics of fighting or reality on the streets. I decided to get certified by Lior Offenbach because I could see he was the real deal. I’d recommend the course to anyone who is serious about Krav Maga and reality based training. He is the best there is, full stop.” – Gul Pohatu


click here for the special payment plan on offer