This Krav Maga program is designed for kids to learn practical self-defence, tailored to the scenarios relevant to the lives of children, in particular bullying and predators, in a safe and fun environment with experienced trainers.

Students can start from as young as five years old, and we have classes for up to sixteen year olds; thereafter, students can join adult classes.

In classes of no more than 16 children, our students learn basic, memorable and effective concepts for handling their personal safety through both non-physical (spatial awareness, threat detection, drawing attention to the situation, getting help) and physical options (techniques for startling an attacker, escaping an attack, responding to attacks from a larger opponent).

Throughout the program kids gradually integrate an understanding of what behaviour is acceptable toward them and which responses will be most effective and without realising it they become more confident, disciplined and fit.

Training Costs
There are a range of passes available.
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Uniform (optional):
$30 pants $30 t-shirt Mouthguard compulsory
Advanced classes:

Students are grouped by age; there is a beginners class for 5-7 year olds, with an advanced class for 8-12 year olds.