Are you looking for a unique, memorable and STRESS-FREE kids party experience? IDF Training offers exciting, high-energy, interactive & confidence boosting party fun for ages 4 – 14yrs!

PARTY OPTION 1: Anti Bullying/Self Defence Theme

Our Anti Bullying/Self Defence themed party is designed for kids to learn practical self-defence skills, in a safe and fun environment with experienced trainers. The kids will learn basic yet effective concepts for handling their personal safety through both non-physical (spatial awareness, use of voice, getting help) and physical options (simple techniques to create opportunities to escape a situation) that will result in each child leaving the party having had a ton of fun but also with more confidence about their boundaries.

PARTY OPTION 2: Team Building & Mini Olympic Theme

Our Team Building and Mini Olympic Themed Parties are filled with a great range of high energy and fun-filled teamwork activities. We can tailor these parties to the age range and skill level of the group and to the interests of your child!

Cost (at our venue):

$375 for up to 15 children and $20 per each additional child. Party includes: – Instructor fees – Equipment – Venue – Bottled water – Set up and Clean up after the party – Printable Invitations Food to be supplied.  

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