How long does it take for me to learn krav maga?

As with any physical skill, everybody learns at a different speed and pace. Your natural aptitude, how often you train per week, and how long you maintain that frequency of training will determine how long it takes for you to become effective at krav maga.

We recommend training 2-3 times per week for six months to a year in order to have a comfortable knowledge and the ability to practically implement a beginner’s level of krav maga for effective self-defence on the street.

Do you have a belt system?

As krav maga is originally a military hand-to-hand combat system, traditionally it does not have a belt or ranking system.

IDF Training does use a beginners/intermediate/advanced classification system for classes, and we use gradings to progress through the levels. We do not use belts, badges or any form of ranking system.

Are you certified with Wingate?

The Wingate Institute is Israel’s central sport training and education facility. it hosts many of their national teams and is the regulatory body for sport instructors, similar to the AIS. However, it does not teach Krav Maga nor does it have anything to do with Krav Maga techniques, syllabus or validity. It does qualify one as a Wingate certified martial arts instructor, who has been deemed competent and have a level of knowledge and conduct required to teach martial arts, which is a requirement to run a school in Israel.

Do I need a uniform?

No. All you need for krav maga is a mouth guard, groin guard and clothes that are comfortable for you to wear. As krav maga is designed to be used on the street, it is designed to be practiced wearing any clothes that you would be wearing on the street.

What if I’m not really fit?

That’s fine! Part of our training program will involve fitness training during classes, and you will find that your fitness naturally improves simply by coming to class. If you feel that you want something more, our instructors can give you a guide as to exercises or drills you can do to improve your fitness in between classes.

I work shifts/FIFO/irregular hours, can I still learn krav?

Absolutely! We have a range of class times in the morning, midday, and evening, as well as weekends, as we understand that the standard 9-5 doesn’t apply to everyone. You can adjust your class bookings at any time up until the class starts, so if your hours change, you can simply switch classes.

I’m a bit nervous attending class with no experience – can I do one-on-one sessions?

Definitely. We offer private training sessions, either one-on-one, or up to groups of four-on-one where you can come along and train directly with our instructors – check out our private training page here.

What if I have never done martial arts before?

Perfect! Krav maga is designed for people who have zero previous martial arts experience – in fact, it was specifically designed for basic military training for a wide range of people who had no previous experience.

We only ask that you come to class ready to learn and challenge yourself, and we guarantee you’ll fit right in!

I can’t make any of your class times – are there other options?

We offer private training sessions for clients who are unable to make class times but still want to learn krav maga. You can learn about these here.

Can my kids learn krav maga?

Yes – we offer classes from children five years of age and older, up until teens, which are targeted at skills that are useful for self-defence. They also promote confidence, responsibility and an understanding of the difference between defending for safety, and fighting, which we neither teach nor condone.

Do you do training sessions for schools or corporate clients?

Absolutely! We have experience teaching classes and seminars at schools and in corporate offices, which are great for self-confidence, fitness, team-building, and an introduction to self-defence. Get in contact with us if you’d like to discuss your needs and we’re happy to work with you!