At IDF Training, we don’t believe in empowering women; we believe that you already have this power, and we want to show you how to harness this and give you the knowledge to defend yourself.

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Fighting like a girl means knowing how to fight smart, and knowing a range of techniques against the most common types of attacks which women are likely to face.

Krav maga means “contact combat” in Hebrew, and became widespread as a method of self-defence when it was taught to combat soldiers in the Israeli Defence Forces. It was designed to be taught to both men and women from different backgrounds, with different body types and with different skill-sets to learn over a short period of time to engage in combat, and has since been adapted for civilians for self-defence.

Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Chastain have all studied krav maga because it works particularly well for women – it’s designed to be as effective as possible for people who aren’t necessarily going to be packing 100kg of muscle on a 6ft frame.

Krav maga focuses on effective moves that are best suited to the individual and the scenario, that aren’t complicated, and that effectively allow the person being attacked to defend themselves, fight back if required, disengage, and escape. Each session will cover:

  • Basic fighting principles and techniques
  • Principles of dealing with a given type of threats
  • Multiple techniques for variations of a given threat
  • Prevention and awareness
  • Krav maga tactics

There will be a different focus each month in the session, so you won’t cover the same material twice. If you’re nervous about coming alone, you will be pairing up for techniques, so you can invite a friend, sister, mum or aunt to book in with you.