Terrorism and mass shootings are unfortunately common subjects at the moment – people are worried and for good reason. With the rise in numbers of Australians joining terrorist groups like ISIS and Hezbollah overseas, the threat of terrorism is alive and real in Australia.

In December 2014, Sydney experienced its first terrorist hostage situation; since then, several violent terror attacks have occurred locally in Melbourne, and the most recent tragic events in Christchurch have made it clear that we are not immune from terrorism.

Training to survive

In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn basic self defence techniques. You will become familiar with concepts, principles and specific techniques for dealing with these sorts of situations. It’s going to be a practical, hands on workshop. Come dressed comfortably, ready to train and learn from the best. You may one day save yourself, a loved one or a fellow human being you’ve never met before. This seminar will cover:

  • Basic situational awareness in a high-risk situation
  • Tactics to hide move safely and take down an attacker
  • Cover vs concealment
  • How to work as a team or group to neutralise an armed threat

Taught by ex-IDF combat soldiers Martin Shnier and Michael Paz

We are fortunate enough to have IDF Training owner and head instructor, ex-IDF combat soldier Martin Shnier, who will be running an active shooter response workshop in response to recent events. Martin will run a workshop that teaches people how to act when caught in a terror attack, the best ways to keep your family and loved ones safe in these scenarios, and if you choose to confront and fight the attacker, how best to go about it.

Born and raised in Australia, Martin’s specialised training and service in the Israeli Defence Forces give him a unique insight into how to handle these situations in a country we thought would never have to face them.

There are limited spots available so ENROL NOW to secure your spot.