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IDF Training has quickly become known as THE home of authentic Krav Maga in Melbourne, Australia. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind gym with a great atmosphere, classes 7 days week and a range of different fighting styles and fitness options.

Krav Maga is our signature offering, and we run a full schedule of classes, private training, team building and workshops in Krav Maga as well as BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. We also run instructor training courses throughout the year.

With a fully equipped strength and fitness gym, 24/7 access, easy booking online and through our apps (iPhone and Android) and reliable customer support, we’re focused on providing the kind of gym we’d want to train in ourselves, and that everyone feels comfortable joining.

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105 Hawthorn Rd CAULFIELD

  • Matted area
  • Bag area
  • Boxing ring
  • Weights area
  • Gym equipment
  • and more!

Public Classes

We run a timetable of classes from Sunday to Thursday with 30+ classes in a variety of styles and skill level. You can join these classes as a casual or with a class pass. Our timetable is always kept up to date and we add classes according to demand.

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Private Training

Private Training

We provide private training in fitness and strength as well as Krav Maga, Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts . This gives you the opportunity to work privately with some of the best trainers Australia has to offer. You can learn one on one or in groups of 2-4 friends.

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Special Workshops

Short Courses & Workshops

We host short courses and workshops run by our in-house trainers as well as expert international trainers, on a wide variety of specialized topics. These courses and workshops run throughout the year and appear in the timetable along with the regularly scheduled classes.

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Custom Training

Custom Training

Whether it’s for a security group, school group, community event, corporate team building or anything else you have in mind, we can tailor any sort of training to fit your needs.

All we need is the size of the group, length of time needed, number of sessions and whether you will provide the location or come to us.

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This Krav Maga program is designed for kids to learn practical self-defence, tailored to the scenarios relevant to the lives of children, in particular bullying and predators, in a safe and fun environment with experienced trainers.

In classes of no more than 16 children, our students learn basic, memorable and effective concepts for handling their personal safety through both non-physical (spatial awareness, threat detection, drawing attention to the situation, getting help) and physical options (techniques for startling an attacker, escaping an attack, responding to attacks from a larger opponent).

Throughout the program kids gradually integrate an understanding of what behaviour is acceptable toward them and which responses will be most effective and without realizing it they become more confident, disciplined and fit.

Training Costs
There are a range of passes available.
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Uniform (compulsory after the first session):
$30 pants $30 tshirt
Advanced Kids Krav Maga Class:

When a student is ready to move up to the advanced class, the trainer will advise them.


IDF Training supports victims of crime through a 12 month self-defence program, which you, as a victim of crime can apply to have funded through VOCAT (Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal). It is recommended to use a lawyer and there are a number of law firms that offer this service for FREE as VOCAT pays their fee.

  • 1. File an Application for Assistance through VOCAT as a primary victim, secondary victim or a related victim. For all three forms Self Defence falls under “Other expenses to assist recovery (in exceptional circumstances)” which means you will need a letter from a doctor, social worker, psychologist or anyone who you involve in your case who can recommend self defence training as a way toward healing.
  • 2. Along with the appropriate forms from the VOCAT site you will need to send them a quote which you can obtain from IDF Training by entering your name and email to the right. Then simply attach the quote we send to you, to your Statement of Claim form and send it in to VOCAT.
  • 3. Once your application is processed by VOCAT you will be credited for a 12-month Victims of Crime Self Defence Program. You are welcome to use the allocated funds for scheduled classes, special workshops, private training or any combination of the above.


IMPORTANT TO KNOW! It is NOT necessary for the perpetrator of the crime to have been charged or convicted in order for you to be eligible to apply to VOCAT for assistance.

***Generally you must apply within two years of the act of violence, although the tribunal will consider applications that, due to the particular circumstances, are filed later than that. If this is the case, you should also send an Application for Extension of Time providing a detailed explanation of the delay.


Avi & Sarah Yemini

We started IDF Training as a small one-on-one personal training studio in 2008 after Avi returned from service in the Israeli Defence Forces and became certified as a personal fitness trainer.

We began with a focus on excellent customer service and creating a gym that anyone can be comfortable to train in. Together with our growing team of instructors and staff we’re always looking for ways to improve and create excellent training experiences for our incredible clients.

In just over 7 years IDF Training has become Melbourne’s go-to Krav Maga centre and a dedicated self-defence training community, with instructors teaching Krav Maga, BJJ, boxing, kickboxing and MMA, as well as a fully equipped strength and fitness gym.

As our business has grown we have gradually expanded our offerings, starting with group classes in a range of different self-defence classes. In particular, Krav Maga became a huge hit in Melbourne, and is our most popular and signature offering.

Train Hard, Fight easy.